Trygve Lies plass Competition, Oslo


Trygve Lies plass Competition, Oslo

Descrizione Progetto

“Green Flow” born to connect two main urban parks in the north and in the south of Furuset. The shape of the project is designed after a study of people flows to create different space for passive recreation; users sit to read, to eat, to watch other people and active recreation like walking, jogging, or biking.

The project is developed on three different levels to increase free and safety areas for pedestrians and cyclists and to create a unique and continuous space.

The vehicle accessible, the bus stations and the car parking are allocated on the underground floor, here there is also a little, intimate waiting area.

On the first level there is the main square. Breaking from a century-old tradition of landscape being subservient to buildings, this radically integrated design solution placed over two of the new building below ground, comprehensively redefining the existing plaza, as a multi-level, landscape connecting interior and exterior space and program. By establishing multiple circulations, accesses and overlooks between interior and exterior, the design creates an experience of moving seamlessly between various expressions of “ground’ on three separate levels.

The entrance to the bus station is clear and visible. It’s integrate in a small building that has a skate park on the roof.

The linear park, elevated six meters above the first level on the nord side, is a green promenade. Its section decrease gently, from north to south, until it arrives in the main square. Below the green promenade there are covered bike parking for 240 bycicle and an exposition area, that have a direct access to an open space designed to accomodate a variety of program, community events and small performances.

The whole area was equipped with benches, tables, bike racks, new lighting and landscaping which gave the entire complex the character of an efficient passageway and important landmark and also of a pleasant area to sojourn and contemplate the scenery during all the year.


Comune di Oslo




Di Girolamo Engineering S.r.l., Arch. Valentina Vittiglio, Arch. Lorena Santamaria, Arch. Mara Pirozzi, Arch. Luca Serafino

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